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Nancy, France, is the world headquarters of the Glagla design team. This team is nestled in the luxurious premises of its society, considered a real castle.

Years ago, cabinet maker, Eugène Vallin (1856-1922), worked here. Perhaps the creative and functional elegance of Vallin’s work inspires the designers at Glagla to create revolutionary, high tech functionality in such fashionably-appealing footwear.

The original challenge was to create from scratch a shoe that was designed for warm weather activities. Thus, the shoe would need to allow the foot to be cooler and more ventilated than any other shoe on themarket. Making the creation of this shoe even more difficult was the desire to accomplish the technological revolution in a very fashionable and visually appealing design.

For all the effort and vision that went into the design of this footwear break through, Glagla was awarded “Technological innovation of the year”. The Glagla shoe is unisex and is a huge hit with men, women and kids alike. Glagla has been called the revolutionary shoe of sport and leisure activities dedicated to summer. Glagla is the first sneaker in the world with natural ventilation through its high tech components which allow complete circulation of the air in entirety of the shoe. It also protects the natural movement of the foot thanks to its shape and flexibility. Its extra-flexible sole creates the sensation of walking comfortably without shoes.

Gla Tech
Neoprene Sole
The structure of this new generation of extremely light Neoprene PU sole absorbs shocks and vibration transmitted to the foot, resulting in a very comfortable shoe with exceptional impact dampening.
Moulded EVA
The bottom ply of the footbed is designed with a micro-preforated moulded EVA material that has received an antibacterial treatment, keeping the shoe sanitized.
Bacteria Safe System
The second ply of the foot liner is comprised of a Bacteria Safe system, acting as a protective boundary against harmful bacteria penetration.
Dry Tech Mesh System
The upper construction of the shoe is comprised of an ultra-absorbant Dry Tech fabric which pulls moisture and ventilates the shoes interior.
Wind Air Technology
Movement of the foot combined with the Wind Air Technology integrated into the sole substantially increases the natural ventilation of the foot.


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